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[audio]Break The Silence - Fast Foolish Flies
With “Break The Silence” a band enters the international stage, which was described in the Norwegian ‘Scream Magazine’ as the best band of their genre. And though comparisons seem venturous to grunge greats such as Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots, the guys from Fast Foolish Flies manage to enthuse both critics and fans with their song. Already launched in 1997 as a purely acoustic project of the vocalist Tommy Lien and the guitarists Rune Antonsen and Lars Erik Madsen,...
Keywords: Grunge; Alternative; Psychedelic; Rock; afmusic
Downloads: 1,380
[audio]Monument - Shearer
Powerful alternative rock with a generous helping of punk. Aggressive, emotional, uncompromising, but then again anthem-like, with a fine sense for melodies and catchy hooklines. Honest energetic rock instead of monotonous charts music. SHEARER are a fresh breeze sweeping through the music business straight from Berlin, Germany. But most of all SHEARER are authentic, rebellious and free! Free for everyone! They are a statement against the music industry's conventions and shallowness: Independent...
Keywords: Alternative; Rock; Indie; Punk; Shearer; afmusic
Downloads: 2,001
[audio]The Chainsaw Chronicles - Dead United
From their journeys into the world of terror, Dead United brought a record contract, written on human skin and their current work "The Chainsaw Chronicles" a unique jewel of horror punk. "The Chainsaw Chronicles" is like brushing your teeth with maggots, is like scratching your back with a chainsaw, is like wearing a pullover made of barbwire. All in all punk rock, which makes your hair stand on end...
Keywords: Punk; Horrorpunk; Alternative; Rock; Dead United; afmusic
Downloads: 110
[audio]Nu Dead Pretty - Mach FoX
"Nu Dead Pretty" is a joyous, chaotic return to his introspective music which combines fantasy and science, future and past. This release features 6 varied styles, the core being its basic vocal track, and its soul has been ably captured in each version. Mach FoX recruits fantastic creatures into his army to uncover powerful new versions where careful detail and artistry create lush worlds. The real joy comes from being entrenched in Mach FoX's world complete with menacing foes and thought provo...
Keywords: Alternative; Rock; Industrial; Electropunk; Mach FoX; afmusic
Downloads: 275
[audio]Pt.II - Degrees
In the darkest woods in Sweden theres a smalltown named Tranås and behind all fur coats, gossip girls and dramas stands Degrees a timorous two-man band featuring Mikael Jacobson (The Trick, Late Night Conversations) & Rickard Folke (Boygirlme). For the moment the story about Degrees is short, but hopefully it will grow like everything else important does. M.J. and Rickard met in the year 2001 and has been friends ever since...
Keywords: Degrees; afmusic; Pop; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Darkwave
Downloads: 386
[audio]Formation Of Chaos - Deied
After almost a year now Deied reports back with a new musical sign of life. The eleventh publication by now of the duo-Din Tah Æon n1n0 is still under the motto: "Deied is pain, Deied is insanity, Deied is art" steadfastly loyal. The change to the Netlabel afmusic in November 2009 didn't change anything in Deied's philosophy, and so it rattles and bangs at Deied, harder than ever before. "Formation Of Chaos" is the new work, which combines over 50 minutes of hard and symphonic, screaming and su...
Keywords: Electronic; Industrial; Darkwave; Gothic; Wave; Deied; afmusic
Downloads: 689
[audio]Apple Of Destruction - Cyber Snake

Keywords: Alternative; Gothic; Gothic Rock; Industrial; Metal; afmusic
Downloads: 2,967
[audio]Pt.I - Degrees
In the darkest woods in Sweden theres a smalltown named Tranås and behind all fur coats, gossip girls and dramas stands Degrees a timorous two-man band featuring Mikael Jacobson (The Trick, Late Night Conversations) & Rickard Folke (Boygirlme). For the moment the story about Degrees is short, but hopefully it will grow like everything else important does. M.J. and Rickard met in the year 2001 and has been friends ever since...
Keywords: Degrees; afmusic; Pop; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Darkwave
Downloads: 387
[audio]A Purpose To My Sins - Danish Daycare
'Danish Daycare' is the solo project by Daniel Jonsson from Malmo, who has achieved quite a lot during his musical career besides being a solo performer. Between 2001-2005 Daniel played Keyboards for 'Eyedrop', a group originating from Malmo. In 2002 the first album "You And Me Vs. The Machine" was released and Eyedrop made themselves quite well known in southern Sweden. Unfortunately the band split up in 2005 and the members drifted apart...
Keywords: Alternative; Indie; Electronica; Electro; Darkwave; Rock; afmusic
Downloads: 2,862
[audio]Pt.III - Degrees
In the darkest woods in Sweden theres a smalltown named Tranås and behind all fur coats, gossip girls and dramas stands Degrees a timorous two-man band featuring Mikael Jacobson & Rickard Folke. M.J. and Rickard met in the year 2001 and has been friends ever since. With the same love for music and both stuck in a crazy small town they decided to put their hearts and brains togheter – in September 2008 to form the band “Degrees”...
Keywords: Degrees; afmusic; Pop; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Darkwave
Downloads: 768
[movies]Das Magazin vom 17.02.2009 - TIMM TODAY
Gothics Sie hüllen sich in schwarze Kleidung, zelebrieren Antihaltung und Selbstinszenierung: "Gothics". Eine Szene, in der sich nicht wenige Schwule und Lesben tummeln. Und obwohl ihnen das "Massenmedium Fernsehen" eher suspekt ist, durfte Kevin Köhrmann einige von ihnen über ihren Düster-Fetisch befragen.
Keywords: Darkwave; Wave; Gothic; Gothic Rock; afmusic
Downloads: 119
[audio]Adam - Shearer
Four guys from the capital of Germany crossing the republic. For three voices, melody, shouting and bad-ass guitars are the frame those four create their dreams of. You have to live music for approaching things as Shearer do. Genius and madness coupled with megalomania, which is entitled such as for hardly any other band. The audience will expect a big rock album with 'Eve', but it also gives the necessary breaks for breathing, independent, catchy and diverse...
Keywords: Alternative; Rock; Indie; Punk; Shearer; afmusic
Downloads: 8,179
[audio]first.aid.killed.the.jerboa (single a-side) - all:my:faults
Warning! 8-bit attack! Or: What happens if an unspeakable guitar-riff smashes a Commodore 64? When in singing growlings and screamings hunt the clean parts? If a band leads Industrial-Rock to new horizons? all:my:faults are back again! Precisely one year ago their successful album “neo.NøiR” (more than 100,000 downloads) cleared the way on which they go on now obliviously. It is a new way - somewhere between ‘Ministry’ and ‘Enter Shikari’, passing the ‘Deathstars’ and ‘Front L...
Keywords: Alternative; Electronic; Electro; Industrial; Metal; Rock; afmusic
Downloads: 7,013
[audio]3D Audio Horror - Dead United

Keywords: Punk; Horrorpunk; Alternative; Rock; Dead United; afmusic
Downloads: 15,764
[audio]Internet Album - Cyber Snake
At Cyber Snake the name says it all: this international bandproject call their music Hi-Tech-Cyber-Industrial. But those of you expecting electronical music with some guitars in it, will be pretty surprised.The simple entitled debut “Internet Album” by Cyber Snake lives on its musical contrasts. Each song creates its own atmosphere, which acts in the ensemble as a collection of stories from different authors...
Keywords: Alternative; Gothic; Gothic Rock; Industrial; Metal; afmusic
Downloads: 5,830
[audio]Wirbelsturm (Die Russisch-Deutsche Sammlung) - Shino
With "Wirbelsturm" ("whirlwind") SHINO comes up with a "live" album of a special kind. The album was recorded almost in one turn, with the focus on the authenticity, not on artificial sound quality. "Wirbelsturm" consists a lot of cover versions of russian songs, which mean a lot to SHINO, amongst others from Chaif, Grazhdanskaya Oborona and Kino. This all was recorded with a classic guitar and brings the listener into the situation, to experience the songs spontaneous, like nothing was planned,...
Keywords: Gothic; Acoustic; Guitar; Singer; Songwriter; Indie; Shino; afmusic
Downloads: 688
[audio]Demo 2011 - Ignition880
The two Musicians Olivier Tiriboulet (Bass, Vocals, Synths) and Delphine Bayard (Drums) met in june 2010 for the first time, in september they already started recording their first tracks. It didn't take long until the band IGNITION880 left their mark, because in january 2011 they already had their first live performance. Their energy and conviction as much as their music is already established. Their life is rock, sometimes in moonlight, sometimes in a kind of apocalyptic trance.....
Keywords: Alternative; Electronic; Electro; Darkwave; Gothic; Indie; Newwave; Rock; Industrial; afmusic
Downloads: 61
[audio]Duellen - Duellen
Who thinks, that Joakim Jakobsson after his his leaving from The Search keeps his feet still, will get taught better in an impressing way. DUELLEN offers with their self-titled debut EP finest Indie-Pop, which brings you to sing along with, even to the swedish lyrics. Some time passed by, after Joakim left the Indie-Pop Band The Search and decided, together with Brian Biezki - whom he met first in 2010 and who moved from argentina over spain to sweden, due to the scandinavian pop culture there ...
Keywords: Alternative; Indie; Rock; Pop; Wave; New Wave; Darkwave; Duellen; afmusic
Downloads: 63
[audio]Some Stories And Thoughts - The Nightchild
With 'Some Stories and Thoughts' the ukrainian couple 'The Nightchild', consisting of Alexey Nightchild A. (vocals, guitar, keyboard, programming) and Olga 'Holy Cat' (bass), herald a new era in the band's history. Though they've just released their re-release of 'Another Shadow' together with the 'With Me'-EP not even halfa year ago, as their afmusic debut, the band appears with brand new material already...
Keywords: Gothic; Gothic Rock; Alternative; Indie; Rock; Darkwave; The Nightchild; afmusic
Downloads: 86
[audio]Nuovi Re - Amada
AMADA originally was born as “Deabianca” at the end of summer 2008, at the banks of Bracciano Lake (Rome). The project’s primary scope is to give contents that fit musically into the member’s stylistic background (from dark to rock, metal and glam), and conceptually to thematics related to the initial band name.In fact, the “Dea Bianca” (White Goddess) is the name of a fundamental test by the english poet and novelist Robert Graves, who represents a concept of hidden spiritualiy, of ...
Keywords: afmusic; Darkwave; Alternative; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Minimal; New Wave
Downloads: 1,820
[audio]Frightnights [Under Haunted Stars] - Bad Night Stories by Seetha Rao - - Ghostfog
"..What a trip.. Seetha Rao had the perfect dose of insanity to give this album the special flavour I was looking for. I found her by traveling through space and she inspired me to write some strange, crazy stuff for her. She came up with lyrics and vocals straight from the heart to complete this book of bad night stories. Seetha rao - the invisible space cat is grinding her claws...universe will have some more scars tonight.." - ghostfog http://www.myspace.com/frightnightsunderstars
Keywords: Electronic; Experimental; Ambient; Industrial; Darkwave; Gothic; Wave; Ghostfog; afmusic
Downloads: 725
[audio]Lyrische Konstruktionen - Verlustprinzip
VERLUSTPRINZIP is much more than just music...it's a construction of sound, expressions and art in the form of pictures and projections, which impresses with a very specific and distinct sound, that cannot be pigeonholed. Challenging lyrics meet subtle sounds and terrific basslines that are piled up high with vast effects. VERLUSTPRINZIP takes you on a sound journey. The very beginning happened in a living-room in Leipzig as Andrés one-man project...
Keywords: Electro; Experimental; New Wave; Darkwave; Gothic; Wave; Lyrical; Verlustprinzip; afmusic
Downloads: 574
[audio]Dolls & Lovers - Cyber Snake
After their debut "Internet Album" (2009) and the EP "Apple of Destruction" (2010) Cyber Snake return with another EP. On "Dolls & Lovers" the band continue their journey of musical contrasts. The new EP "Dolls & Lovers" impresses by the contrast between electronic music, Industrial Rock, Alternative, Gothic and Muzas’ operatic singing. The result is a very danceable music mix on which the electronic accents are more in the foreground...
Keywords: Alternative; Gothic; Gothic Rock; Industrial; Metal; Cyber Snake; afmusic
Downloads: 559
[audio]Dreammaster - The Nightchild
It hasn't been that long, when the high flyers of the Nightchild, consisting of Alexey Nightchild A. (vocals, guitar, songwriting, programming) and Olga Holy Cat (bass), released their third album "Some Stories And Thoughts". Now the ukrainian couple already comes up with their new single "Dreammaster" for the upcoming album "The World Unseen, The World Unknown". The homonymous song appears twice on the download single - one time in the original version, featuring Salmoea Wrona (Cabaret Grey) as...
Keywords: Gothic; Gothic Rock; Alternative; Indie; Darkwave; The Nightchild; afmusic
Downloads: 96
[audio]Maldita - Melanculia
"Sensitive acoustic rock ballads with well-written lyrics and this slightly scorched, unpretentiously appealing voice that conveys pure and sincere emotion. The title, Spanish for "wretched one", adds a touch of mystery but also determines the entire album's tone and mood. The gloomy atmosphere reigns throughout all seven tracks of maldita, from the wistfully melodious Summer rain, Trying to regret, Long forgotten dreams and It doesn't matter at all to the very interesting, passionate Lizzard Ki...
Keywords: Acoustic; Darkwave; Alternative; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Melanculia; afmusic
Downloads: 367
[audio]Edward - Noctiflora
It blooms during the night, when the lights are extinguished and the black color asserts its existence... It blooms in the fields, in the hearts in the metro... sometimes it blooms dissipating displeased and scattering indignation... this is Noctiflora a young romantic Italian duo (Rome) who love The Cure... Edward, the first album of this litlle 'flower of the night', is an acoustic dark/wave little masterpiece which narrate a melancholic and sweet nightsky cover of fallen stars around our drea...
Keywords: New Wave; Electronic; Electro; Darkwave; Gothic; Ambient; Experimental; Noctiflora; afmusic
Downloads: 442
[audio]A Story Of Hurt (2010 Edition) - Danish Daycare
Since his main band Emerald Park released their album "For Tomorrow" in February as free download, the Swede Daniel Jönsson follows up with his solo project and will release the album in fall as a free download under a Creative Commons license at afmusic and 23 Seconds as well. In addition to the 10 songs there is a bonus track on the reissue – the single-B-Side "The Man In White". www.af-music.de www.23seconds.org www.myspace.com/danishdaycare
Keywords: 23Seconds; afmusic; Pop; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Darkwave; Danish Daycare
Downloads: 2,563
[audio]Vert Bleu Noir - Accident
What have BMWs, forgotten radio hits, the color of gasoline on asphalt, auto-reverse walkmen, yellow lights, neon discotic advertising signs, the night, women, the ends of highways, the music department at the pawnbroker and the wait for the end of world in common? These are all things that are liked by the french Waveband ACCIDENT and processed in their texts. ACCIDENT are Maudoux Laurent and Jeremy Monteiro, cousins from Roanne – in the center of France, which early discovered their common l...
Keywords: Accident; afmusic; Pop; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Darkwave; New Wave
Downloads: 699
[audio]My Mistress (Single) - Shino
A mixture of Johnny Cash and Lestat from "Chroniken der Vampire (Chronicles Of Vamire)" and therefore an utterly new and individual dimension of music getting under your skin and running through the blood straight to human’s hearts; being kept in a minimalistic way, yet so complex in its lively emotion and its sense of touching lyrics.
Keywords: Acoustic; Piano; Darkwave; Alternative; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Shino; afmusic
Downloads: 440
[audio]Phantom (Free Web Edition) - (((S)))
'Phantom', the eagerly awaited second CD by (((S))), appears like a liberation of an entire scene that seems frozen in 30 years, spreading spasmodically attached depression and often enough, it just seems unauthentic. Already alike with his debut album "Ghost" inspired the Dane (((S))) listeners and critics, and was knighted by MICK MERCER as "Album of the Year 2009 ". But instead of resting on its laurels, the man behind the project that is "ungoogleable" and thus escapes any grid, creates a se...
Keywords: Darkwave; Alternative; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Deathrock; Batcave; Gothic-Rock; afmusic
Downloads: 904
[audio]Du känner mig för väl, farväl - Tobias Borelius
With the help of producer Carl Granberg and musician from Malmö and Lund Tobias Borelius from Emerald Park (Malmö, Sweden) has recorded a solo album with Swedish lyrics. “Du känner mig för väl, farväl” ("You know me too well, goodbye") is a musical tapas table - small pithy and tasty songs spiced with humor, love, earnest and cynicism. The musical theme of the record is the old analog synthesizers, the Nord Lead and the acoustic guitar...
Keywords: Indie; Electronica; Pop; Singer; Songwriter; Tobias Borelius; afmusic
Downloads: 66
[audio]The Eighties are Over - Stromble Fix
Also on their third CD Stromble Fix continue the insane journey through Punk, Grunge, Deathrock and Psychedelic to the abysses of the human soul. The musical spectrum as well as the instrumentation were extended once more. The Wipers and Killing Joke, but also John Lennon and Pink Floyd are the spiritual grandfathers of this band and its three protagonists, besides, still have the old hardcore punk flowing through their veins.Accordingly the recording was held raw in full intention and only afte...
Keywords: Punk; Grunge; Deathrock; Psychedelic; Darkwave; Alternative; Indie; Gothic; Wave; afmusic
Downloads: 3,493
[audio]Frightnights [Under Haunted Stars] II (Bad Night Stories by Seetha Rao) - Ghostfog
After the successful debut album "Frightnights [Under Haunted Stars]" Ghostfog returns with the singer Seetha Rao from Mainz once again, to release the second part of "Bad Night Stories". As on the forerunner, the lyrics are very personal again, are related to current incidents and emotions and don’t save on it’s darkness. Musically the journey through the Raumzeit sounds more electronic, a bit more sterile and a bit lighter, without neglecting the familiar Ghostfog sound...
Keywords: Electronic; Experimental; Ambient; Industrial; Darkwave; Gothic; Wave; Ghostfog; afmusic
Downloads: 148
[audio]The Search for Connection Contact and Community - The Search
Sweden 12 points! What THE SEARCH from Uppsala on “The Search for Connection Contact and Community” deliver, is finest Indie pop laced with Rock, which, without any problems, is at home in the same league as Shout Out Louds, The Mary Onettes, Jeniferever and others. Light-footed and full of enjoyment the guitars and keyboards relaxing dance through the room. But always looking out for solid leg work and never losing the grip to the ground of drums and bass...
Keywords: Indie; Rock; Pop; Wave; Darkwave; Alternative; The Search; afmusic
Downloads: 139
[audio]Scars - Thora
Thora draw with “Scars” a line under their band history, that came with the dissolution of the band in early 2009 to an abrupt end. Nearly a year and many events later, such as the creation of bandleader Tommy’s new project Godex, the band is grateful to the fans who kept faith with them so many years. “Scars” proceedes where the band with the previous album “Baby No.666″ left off – strong melodies, versatile song structures, fat riffs and lots of atmosphere dominate the sound...
Keywords: Alternative; Rock; Goth; Gothic; Metal; Goth-Metal; Thora; afmusic
Downloads: 332
[audio]Serial God - Muffled Shine

Keywords: Electronic; Industrial; Darkwave; Gothic; Wave; Alternative; Experimental; Muffled Shine; afmusic
Downloads: 498
[audio]The Violet Day - The Quinsy
The Russian post-punk band THE QUINSY was formed at the very beginning of XXI century by Vladimir 4.44 Tkebuchava. The band started performing in several Saint-Petersburg underground clubs, such as RED CLUB. But mostly, there were only small electrowave underground parties, as back then the band sound was close to electronic one. In 2005 the Quinsy experienced a lot of hardships and was nearly at the end, but eventually the new members and new sound contributed to the band’s complete revival...
Keywords: Gothic; Gothic Rock; Alternative; Indie; Darkwave; The Quinsy; afmusic
Downloads: 329
[audio]Kontakt - Notes From Underground
In June of the last year, NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND from Madrid (Spain) earned much sympathy from fans of harder industrial rock sounds with their debut album "Crossing The Rubicon". After several gigs in their homecountry, the band is on the road now for some live gigs in Germany and Holland. With the 5- track digital EP "Contact", which will be released on 10/29/2010 on afmusic as free download, they also have the right appetizer on board...
Keywords: Industrial; Metal; Rock; Darkwave; Alternative; Gothic; Notes From Underground; afmusic
Downloads: 419
[audio]Memories - The Nightchild
The Nightchild enchant their fans with their very own sound, leaned at the traditional gothrock, for years, already. After the album "The World Unseen, The World Unknown", which was released in November 2012, there was a lot of silence, but now the Ukrainian duo is back with the Single-EP "Memories". It consists the title track, a coverversion of the song "" of the Ukranian cult band Sweet Sixty Nine as well as the Cabo De Gata remix of "Memories" and the Les Morts remix of the song "Ma...
Keywords: Gothic; Gothic Rock; Alternative; Indie; Darkwave; The Nightchild; afmusic
Downloads: 46
[audio]Memories Of Tomorrow - That Was Yesterday
After SILVERGATE was officially put ad acta, the solo musician Tullio (Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Bass) bounces back into the public ear, together with Lady Sarah (Vocals) to form the gothic rock band THAT WAS YESTERDAY. The band offers a gloomy atmosphere, a melancholic mood, catching vocals and neat guitars as much as often very driving drums. Stylistically THAT WAS YESTERDAY remind a bit of the good old Type O Negative, without sounding like a bad copy, rather the opposite...
Keywords: Gothic; Gothic Rock; Alternative; Indie; Darkwave; That Was Yesterday; afmusic
Downloads: 220
[audio]So sad about it all - Split Seconds
Split Seconds steht seit März 2007 für Rockballaden im typisch britischen Stil von Bands wie Coldplay oder The Cure - ohne dabei ihren eigenem Charme zu verlieren. Wave Fans der ersten Stunde werden bei der ersten Single "So sad about it all" voll auf ihre Kosten kommen und können in Erinnerungen vergangener Zeiten schwelgen. Die Single werden wir am 22.02.2008 weltweit im Internet als kostenfreien Download verfügbar machen...
Keywords: Alternative; Electronic; Electro; Darkwave; Gothic; Rock; Industrial; afmusic
Downloads: 8,781
[audio]Iztok - Voyvoda
The bulgarian band Voyvoda will release their second album "Iztok" on February 7th as a download, the vinyl issue will follow on 20th of April, 2012. Offered will be experimental sounds somewhere between post punk, cold wave and balkan komita folk. As on the forerunner "The Confederacy" and the couple of EP's, the journey goes deep into the history of the balkans, back to devotional rebels and their commanders (called Voyvodas)...
Keywords: Gothic; Gothic Rock; Alternative; Indie; Darkwave; Post Punk; Voyvoda; afmusic
Downloads: 248
[audio]Ein Ding im Spiegel (Single) - Adversus
The new ADVERSUS opus "Der Zeit abhanden" ("Lost in time") with the sub-title "Elf Märchen für Entflohene" ("Eleven stories for escapees") is released as a bundle of CD and book in early December 2010. The bundle brings the band's fanbase what they have been waiting for: a new piece of conceptual art by ADVERSUS. In collaboration of Sonorium with afmusic two songs from the album and the elaborately produced video of "Ein Ding im Spiegel" ("A Thing In The Mirror") will be ready for free downloa...
Keywords: Dark; Indie; Alternative; Gothic; Gothic-Rock; Adversus; afmusic; Sonorium
Downloads: 1,413
[audio]Tales Of Sodenliah - Deied
15 months after the release of "Formation Of Chaos" the duo Deied, constisting of Din-Tah Æon and n1n0 (amongst others aeon sable, Melanculia), return with their new work "Tales Of Sodenliah". The album's protagonist strolls, in the name of mankind, through the valleys of the imaginary Sodenliah - on the search for answers of this society's questions. Mankind for the first time achieves, to enter the interior of the human mind and what comes across the main character's way even makes religious ...
Keywords: Alternative; Electronic; Electro; Darkwave; Gothic; Indie; Newwave; Rock; Industrial; afmusic
Downloads: 152
[audio]Ultramarin - Defekt 86
Defekt 86 play a cheeky mixture of Darkwave and Post-punk. Their music varies from heavy guitars up to rather experimental synthetic sounds; the tempi are versatile designed as well, and also the vocals, which oscillates between melancholy and aggression. Reminiscences of more "conventional" bands are unfailable to hear. Thus one feels reminded of Joy Division or Sisters of Mercy with the dark Opener "Idols for the weak" without fail, latter also crosses mind in "A hundred times", caused particu...
Keywords: afmusic; Darkwave; Alternative; Indie; Gothic; Wave; Minimal; New Wave
Downloads: 2,889
[audio]At The Beginning... - Tongue
While almost whole europe experiences an updraft of Gothic Rock, Post Punk and all related styles of music, now a duo from the so far silent Czech Republic pipes up. Tongue T (vocals, guitar, bass) and Tongue J (vocals, drums) debut in an impressive way, which can easily compete with top acts like Deadchovsky or Christ vs. Warhol. Stirring, passionate guitar riffs, a lot of reverb in the vocals, driving drums and catching melodies are on the brothers’ agenda and for sure they will catch the on...
Keywords: Deatrock; Batcave; Gothic; Gothic Rock; Alternative; Indie; Darkwave; Tongue; afmusic
Downloads: 444
[audio]Hear Them Whisper - Ghostfog
Released out of an eternal dream, Ghostfrog, after a successful collaboration with Seetha Rao (Frightnights - Bad Night Stories, 2010), crawls through the the attenuated fields of industrial music on his own. The single "Hear Them Whisper" and the proper video underline the musical growth of the Industrial artist from Essen (Germany), for whom classic conventions and common success-concepts are foreign words, in an impressive way...
Keywords: Ghostfog; Ionium Records; afmusic; Electro; Electronic; Industrial; Rock; Experimental; Noise
Downloads: 909
[audio]Acids - The Forced Oscillations
Notchnoi Prospekt was formed in Moscow, 1985, by Alexei Borisov (guitar, vocals, lyrics) and Ivan Sokolovsky (keyboards, electronics). At the very beginning of thier activity the duo played electro-pop with the elements of rockabilly, twist, ska, post-punk and industrial. In 1987 the drummer Sergei Pavlov and violin player Dmitry Kutergin joined the band. Since that time Notchnoi Prospekt started to develop industrial electronics mixed with psychodelia, noize, free improvized music and absurdizm...
Keywords: Alternative; Electronic; Electro; Darkwave; Gothic; Rock; Industrial; afmusic
Downloads: 3,857
[audio][afm003] [avoid the debris] - [avoid the debris]
During my work at A:M:F over the years I always wrote a cuple of songs that - unfortunately - didn’t really fit into the typical A:M:F sound. So, I do really like these songs And that’s the reason for me to share them with you. …::the songs are as followed::… Engeki - a song i wrote a few months ago. (2006)Ausdrucklos - origin planned to be a a:m:f song…. but it’s a lil too much punk i guess (2006)Anniversary of an orchestra - this song is a 2nd version of "Your anniversary" (a:m:f) ...
Keywords: Alternative; Electronic; Electro; Darkwave; Gothic; Rock; Industrial; afmusic
Downloads: 5,672
[audio]For Better or for Worse - The Glass Spider
The new album title by The Glass Spider sounds a lot more conciliatory than his predecessor. After the album "Resistance" from the year 2008, that is a call to resistance, it is now called "For Better or for Worse". Someone seems to be done with the resistance and found his inner peace. Sounds as if it would be more harmoniously and maybe a little bit more relaxed now. Whoever will listen to the new album, will quickly recognize that although a certain lightness has entered the room, the old vir...
Keywords: Alternative; Electronic; Electro; Darkwave; Gothic; Rock; Industrial; afmusic
Downloads: 2,855
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